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Table 2 Summary of key themes and sub-themes identified in the focus groups

From: Australian parents’ perceptions of factors that influence their children’s pork consumption: an exploratory qualitative study

Key theme Sub-theme
Family pork practices Parents’ preferences influencing children’s pork intake
Pork as part of tradition and culture Pork preferences influenced by cultural background
Pork perceived as a meal for special occasions
Preparing and cooking pork Parents’ perceptions that pork is acceptable to prepare
Perception that pork needs to be cooked until well done
Lack of confidence or experience with cooking pork
Need for pork recipes and cooking inspiration
Consumer awareness and visibility of pork Lack of visibility of pork in retail outlets
Lack of access to a variety of pork cuts
Lack of visibility of pork in the media
Healthfulness of pork Overall fresh pork perceived as healthy
Concerns relating to high fat/sodium content of processed pork
Perceptions of processed pork Processed pork as a convenience food
Children’s preferences for processed pork products
Children’s pork preferences and barriers to intake Children’s preference for processed pork
Children’s preferences for pork as part of a mixed dish
Children’s involvement with cooking/preparing pork meals encouraging intake
Fussy eating behaviour limiting pork intake
Texture/perceived fattiness of pork as a barrier to fresh pork intake