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Table 1 Recommended number of servings of key foods on the Mediterranean diet, by energy level

From: Older Australians can adhere to a traditional Mediterranean style diet over two weeks: a pilot dietary intervention study

Food Serving size Energy level 1 (7300 kJ) Energy level 2 (8600 kJ) Energy level 3 (9600 kJ)
Olive oil 18 ml (1 Tb) 2/day 2-3/day 2-3/day
Fruit 150 g fresh 40 g dried 2/day 2-3/day 3/day
Vegetables 75 g raw or cooked 6/day 6/day 6/day
Potatoes 75 g (1 small) ≤1/day ≤1/day ≤1/day
Breads and cereals 35 g bread (1 slice) 75 g pasta (1/2 cup) 4/day 5/day 5-6/day
Yoghurt 150-200 g 1/day 1/day 1/day
Cheese 40 g 1/day 1/day 1/day
Red wine 100 ml ≤2/day ≤2/day ≤2/day
Fish 100-120 g cooked 3/week 3/week 3/week
Legumes 75 g 3/week 3/week 3/week
Nuts 35 g 4/week 5/week 6/week
Poultry 80-100 g cooked 3/week 3/week 3/week
Red meat 80-100 g cooked ≤1/week ≤1/week ≤1/week