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Table 4 Focus Group Discussion data (Qualitative data)

From: Urbanisation, dietary patterns and body composition changes in adolescent girls: a descriptive cross sectional study

Theme Urban Rural
Practices - Higher consumption of: processed food, animal food, bread, deep fried food. - Higher consumption of: fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, rice and rice based products
- Concept of cost effectiveness – cheaper to buy due to minimum preparation cost, hence food is bought from food outlets/ vendors - Frequent consumption of tea (even after meals)
- Most meals were home cooked and vegetarian
- Use of greater quantity of coconut milk in cooking
- Fish / meat was consumed occasionally (once/ week)
- Selling of fruits from their gardens (eg. Papaya) in exchange for imported fruits such as apples, oranges
Perceived Constraints - Cooking at home is time consuming - Animal food is too expensive
- Cooking at home is costly - Attaching “value” to imported and expensive fruits
- Instant food is cheaper than rice and curry
Similarities Poor time and financial management ; Cooking: mainly by mothers / unless married