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Table 1 Characteristics of the interviewed professionals, grouped by expertise area

From: Dutch nutrition and care professionals’ experiences with undernutrition awareness, monitoring, and treatment among community-dwelling older adults: a qualitative study

Code Profession Interview duration (minutes)
 DC Dietitians’ coordinator 37
 D1 Dietitian 27
 D2 Dietitian 31
 D3 Dietitian 43
 D4 Dietitian 40
 D5 Dietitian 29
 MSE1 Meal service employee 38
 MSE2 Meal service employee 30
 MSE3 Meal service employee 34
 EC Elder-issues consultant 22
 ICC Informal care consultant 40
 GS Geriatric specialist 16
 GP1 General practitioner 26
 GP2 General practitioner 28
 NP Nurse practitioner 33
 HCN1 Home care nurse 26
 HCN2 Home care nurse 28
 HCN3 Home care nurse 32
 R1 Researcher 35
 R2 Researcher 25
 R3 Researcher 49
 R4 Researcher 36