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Table 3 The LCD advisers comments from open-ended questions about benefits and disadvantages of LCD

From: Low carbohydrate diet and obesity treatment in primary health care: dietary advice after the new Swedish report

Theme from questions benefits/disadvantages Frequency of mention N (%) Comments
Benefits 109 (91 %)  
Health improvements 44 (40 %) Improved blood glucose, improved blood pressure, better health
Weight loss 32 (29 %)  
Easy diet 26 (24 %) Easy to follow, do not have to count calories, better saturation, less hunger, easy to explain
Disadvantages 69 (57 %)  
Long-term effect unknown 40 (58 %) High fat intake, deficiency of vitamins and fibre
Difficult to follow and gives side effects 19 (28 %) Difficult to vary/monotonous diet, do not fit the everyday life
Does not fit everyone 16 (23 %) With physical training must have carbs, must have bread and potato for good life quality, those who have insulin regime, do not tolerate fat
  1. The comments are ranked by frequency of mention for benefits and for disadvantages
  2. Total possible N (number of included respondents who give LCD advice) is 120