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Table 3 Stakeholder groups and categories of institutions (source of participants)

From: Stakeholder perceptions of research options to improve nutritional status in Uganda

Stakeholder groups (A-E) and category of institutions/source of participants (1–16)  
A) Health professionals
1. Clinicians-medical research council/public health association
2. Nutritionists via a nutrition society/association on the ground
B) Food industry
3) Small and medium size agro food industry
4) Large scale food industry
C) Government
5) Ministry of health/nutrition
6) Ministry of Agriculture/food production
7) Ministry of social development/community
8) Ministry of higher education/research
D) Civil society
9) Public interest NGO – health/food group
10) Citizens association/representing public food health and safety
E). Research/academic
11. Nutrition researcher
12. Agricultural researcher
13. Social sciences researcher
F) Research funders
14. World bank/WHO
15. NEPAD/USAID/Others
16. United Nations agencies
  1. Keys: NGO Non Governmental Organisation, UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund, NEPAD New Partnership for Africa’s Development, USAID United States Agency for International Development, WHO World Health Organization