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Table 1 Pregnancy Eating Attributes Study (PEAS) data collection and schedule

From: Pregnancy eating attributes study (PEAS): a cohort study examining behavioral and environmental influences on diet and weight change in pregnancy and postpartum

  Pregnancy Delivery Postpartum
1-15 weeksa 16-27 weeks 28-36 weeks 4–14 weeks 23–31 weeks 37–41 weeks 50–58 weeks
Dietary Intake         
 24-hour Dietary Recall [91, 92] X X X   X X   X
Food Reward         
 Power of Food Scale [97, 98] X X X    X   X
 Cravings & Aversions X X       X
 Modified Yale Food Addiction Scale [99] X      X   
 Food Ratings [105] X X     X   X
 Food Reinforcement Questionnaire [85] X X     X   X
 Multiple Choice Procedure [101] X X     X   X
Behavioral Control         
 Delaying Gratification Inventory [106] X     X   
 Barratt Impulsivity Scale [107] X     X   
Other Eating Behaviors         
 Dutch Eating Behavior Questionnaire [102] X     X   X
 Treatment Self -Regulation Questionnaire [103] X      X   
 Eating Competence [104] X     X   
Food Environment         
 Home Food Inventory [108] X     X
Infant Dietary Intake and Eating/Feeding Behaviors         
 Breastfeeding intention X      
 Infant Food Intake and Breastfeeding [93, 94]      X X X X
 Baby Eating Behavior Questionnaire [95]       X   
 Feeding to Soothe [96]      X X   X
Additional Health Behaviors         
 Physical Activity Questionnaire [110] X X    X X   X
 Perceived Stress Scale [111, 112] X X   X X   
 Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index [113] X X   X X   
 Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale [114] X     X X   
 Weight History [109] X        
Biomedical Data         
 Maternal Anthropometrics X X X   X X   X
 Infant Anthropometrics      X X   X
 Maternal Clinical Profile X X X   X    X
 Infant Clinical Profile      X X   X
 Maternal Bloodb X X X      X
 Maternal Urine (first morning)   X       X
 Maternal rectal swab   X       X
 Cord Blood     X     
 Infant rectal swab       X   
  1. aThe first clinic visit occurs at <12 weeks; self-report measures are completed by week 15
  2. b1st and 3rd collection are random; 2nd and 4th are fasting