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Fig. 1

From: Children with moderate acute malnutrition have inflammation not explained by maternal reports of illness and clinical symptoms: a cross-sectional study in Burkina Faso

Fig. 1

Overlap between children ill according to maternal recall, physical examination and elevated acute phase proteins. a C-reactive protein > 10 mg/l; b α1-acid glycoprotein >1 g/l. ___ Any symptom/illness according to physical examination. _ _ _ Any sympton/illness according to maternal recall. …… Elevated acute phase protein. 1 Percentage of children without illness or inflammation; 2 % ill according to maternal recall (MR) only; 3 % with inflammation and ill according MR; 4 % ill according to physical examination (PE) and MR; 5% with inflammation and ill according to PE and MR; 6% with inflammation and ill according to PE; 7 % with inflammation only; 8 % ill according to PE only

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