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Table 4 Explicit knowledge

From: Caregiver experiences, attitudes and perceptions about feeding toddlers and preschool children in Switzerland: a qualitative study

Emerging theme: Quote
Volume estimates “She likes tea, perhaps … 300 or 400 ml.”
“I would say around 150 millilitres [of milk]. Yes, between 100 and 150 millilitres.”
“I would say 600 to 700 millilitres [of water]. Yes, about 700 millilitres.”
“It’s about 250 millilitres [of milk] when I look at the little one’s bottle, yes. And at least three decilitres of water.”
Health effects of beverages “For me, milk it's about the dairy intake in terms of calcium. Everything in milk that helps growth.”
“I give [orange juice] to him because sometimes he has problems doing a number two, for fibre…”
“Water…we know that water is the best of drinks, in relation to all that is found in certain studies regarding what it brings…”.