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Table 1 Study eligibility criteria

From: Research needs and prioritizations for studies linking dietary sugars and potentially related health outcomes

  Inclusion Criteria Exclusion Criteria
Step 1 evidence map Sugar Exposures: Sucrose, fructose, sugar-sweetened beverages, high fructose corn syrup, and total, refined and other unspecified sugars. Study Designs: Case–control and cross-sectional studies, and in vitro studies.
Language: Non-English publications.
Study Designs: Intervention studies of any designa & cohort studies.
Outcomes: Any clinical diagnosis, patient-centered outcome, and well-established intermediate endpoints indicative of disease risk
Populations: Human
Outcomes: Dental caries and pain.
Populations: Animals
Step 2 evidence map Sugar Exposures and Study Designs: Same as Step 1. Sugar Exposures and Study Designs: Intravenous sugar administration and sugar-sweetened beverages without quantification of sugar amount.
Additional Outcomes to Step 1: Satiety, “addiction,”b and appetite
Outcomes: Cancer, athletic performance, and cognition.
Populations: Infants (age < 1 year old)
  1. aNote that study design filters for randomized trials and prospective cohort studies were utilized in our search strategy. Therefore, non-randomized trials and before-and-after trials were not completely captured by our literature search. bThe outcome term “addiction” was later removed based on the stakeholder panel’s discussions to avoid misinterpretations. See results for stakeholders’ discussions on this issue