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Table 2 Initial FRN Stakeholder Panel

From: Research needs and prioritizations for studies linking dietary sugars and potentially related health outcomes

Stakeholder Group Number of stakeholders in group Conflict of Interest Disclosures
Lay audience 2a None disclosed
Policy maker 1 None disclosed
Health Provider 2 None disclosed
Research funder 1 Have grants relating to fructose and sugar metabolisms
Evidence-base methodologist 1 None disclosed
Product maker (nonvoter) 1 None disclosed
Researcher (intervention) 2 Have grants relating to glycemic effects of honey, sugars and high fructose corn syrups
Researcher (epidemiology) 2 Students and post-doc received unrestricted funds from Coca-Cola
Statistics 1a None disclosed
  1. aThe final stakeholder panel included 12 individuals. One lay audience and one statistician dropped out due to personal reasons