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Table 1 National point prevalence (n./million of inhabitants) of home artificial nutrition (HAN), both parenteral (HPN) and enteral (HEN), in Italy in 2012. Total cases and cases by age category

From: Development of home artificial nutrition in Italy over a seven year period: 2005–2012

Total cases (n. 14,441) 325.5 50.2 275.3
Adult (n. 13,046) 294.0 46.1 247.9
Pediatric (n. 1,395) 31.4 4.1 27.3
  1. apatients receiving both HPN and HEN were included in the HPN group; the HPN + HEN cases were 3.7% of total HPN in adults and 21.9% of total HPN in children
  2. Population sample: 44.36 million inhabitants (73.2% of total Italian population)