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Table 1 Overview of data collection methods and their corresponding research question and phase of the study

From: More-2-Eat: evaluation protocol of a multi-site implementation of the Integrated Nutrition Pathway for Acute Care

Data collection form/method Research question Developmental phase Implementation phase Sustainability phase Type of data
INPAC Audit 1 and 4 Quantitative
Detailed Patient Data 2   Quantitative
30-Day Follow-up 2   Quantitative
Focus Groups/ Interviews 4 and 5   Qualitative
Staff KAP questionnaire 3   Quantitative
RD/staff workload 6   Quantitative
Activity Time Test 6    Quantitative
DICE Scores 4 Quantitative
Scorecards 4 and 5    Qualitative
Monthly telephone calls 4 and 5    Qualitative
Site Survey 6   Quantitative