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Table 2 Participants who agree to each statement regarding their reasons for eating a healthy diet or supplement use during pregnancy (N = 205)

From: Dietary habits and supplementation practices of young women during pregnancy: an online cross-sectional survey of young mothers and health care professionals

  Eating well during pregnancy will… Taking supplements during pregnancy will…
Help me to gain less weight 51.7% 3.9%
Help my baby grow properly 77.6% 71.7%
Help my baby to be healthier after it is born 76.1% 69.8%
Help my baby be more intelligent 20.5% 22.9%
Please my midwife/family nurse 51.2% 59.5%
Please my partner/family 39.0% 45.4%
Cost a fortune 25.9% 31.7%
Be hard work 23.4% 14.6%
Prepare my body for breastfeeding 62.4% 56.1%