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Table 4 Responses to the question “If we could develop something new to provide information about eating a healthy diet and supplements to support young pregnant women, what do you think would be best” (N = 205)

From: Dietary habits and supplementation practices of young women during pregnancy: an online cross-sectional survey of young mothers and health care professionals

  Young women’s choices
App containing healthy eating information 52.7%
Recipe booklet showing healthy meals and snacks to be eaten during pregnancy 51.2%
Education session to be delivered at antenatal/parenting classes 31.2%
Young woman specific booklet 30.2%
Education session to be delivered in secondary schools/colleges 22.4%
Wallet sized fact sheet/reference card 17.6%
Young woman specific online forum 15.1%
Poster summarising key facts 11.2%
YouTube videos about healthy eating during pregnancy 6.8%
Telephone or email helpline 6.8%