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Table 1 Global overview of main interview questions (follow-up questions are not shown)

From: Undernutrition: who cares? Perspectives of dietitians and older adults on undernutrition

Questions per study group

Older adults

 When we talk about proper and sufficient nutrition for older adults, what comes to mind?

 How would you describe your usual eating habits?

 What does undernutrition among older adults mean according to you?

 How do older adults become undernourished?

 What do you recall about the dietitian’s recommendations?

 What changes did you need to make according to the dietetic recommendations?

 What were your experiences with adhering to the dietetic recommendations?

 What are your experiences with clinical nutrition?


 Do older adults know they are undernourished?

 Are there agreements or protocols with physicians for referral of undernourished patients?

 What do you advise undernourished older adults to do?

 Are there any practical issues to take into account when you give certain recommendations?

 Why do you think older adults are or are not able to comply with your recommendations?

 How can user friendliness of foods be improved for older adults?

 What are your experiences with prescribing older adults clinical nutrition, such as ONS?

 If you would have the possibility of using enriched regular products, as an alternative for ONS, what is your opinion about that?