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Table 1 Socio demographic characteristics of FGDs participants on foods tabooed for pregnant and lactating women in Aballa district, Afar region, Ethiopia, 2016

From: Foods tabooed for pregnant women in Abala district of Afar region, Ethiopia: an inductive qualitative study

FGDs Number of participants Mean age of participants (Min, Max) Number of children (Min, Max) Educational level (Min, Max) Kebele
Pregnant and lactating women FGD1 8 31(21,39) 2,7 0–3 Ukri Gibi
Pregnant and lactating women FGD2 8 24(19,41) 3,8 0 Murga
Elderly men FGD 7 45(35,65) 5,11 0–6 Kala
Elderly women FGD 6 47(38,55) 4,9 0 Adi Heremly