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Table 2 Socio demographic characteristics of Key informants for foods tabooed for pregnant women in Aballa district of Afar region, Ethiopia, 2016

From: Foods tabooed for pregnant women in Abala district of Afar region, Ethiopia: an inductive qualitative study

Participants Sex Age Educational status Role of the participant Kebele
Participant 1 Female 23 10 Health extension worker Ukri Gibi
Participant 2 Female 21 10 Health extension worker Murga
Participant 3 Female 30 No read write Pregnant women Kala
Participant 4 Female 27 6 Lactating women Adi Haremely
Participant 5 Female 35 No read write Elder Kala
Participant 6 Male 54 No read write Elder Murga
Participant 7 Male 66 4 Elder Adi Haremely
Participant 8 Female 40 No read write Traditional women Ukri Gibi