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Fig. 3

From: Vitamin C and E supplementation does not affect heat shock proteins or endogenous antioxidants in trained skeletal muscles during 12 weeks of strength training

Fig. 3

Relative changes in protein levels for αB-crystallin pre-post (a), αB-crystallin mid-post (b), HSP27 pre-post (c) HSP27 mid-post (d), HSP70 pre-post (e) and HSP70 mid-post (f) for the vitamin C and E- (filled circles; n = 6–16) and placebo group (open sircles; n = 7–12) after 10 weeks of strength training. Strippled line indicates baseline values. Panel shows representative protein immunoblots. Panel shows representative protein immunoblots. Note that the pre-mid-post figures only includes data from the participants that volunteered for the standardized acute exercise session performed midway in the training intervention. *: different compared to vitamin C and E group (P < 0.05)

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