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Table 1 Summary of Results of Content Expert Review (n = 4)

From: Engaging experts and patients to refine the nutrition literacy assessment instrument

NLit Domain Scale Content Validity Index (initial) Scale Content Validity Index (after deletion of items with I-CVI a ≤ 0.50 Resulting Changes
Nutrition & Health 0.77 0.80 Prose text modified, 1 question deleted, 1 question modified
Energy Sources in Food 0.875 0.91 Definition in instructions modified, 1 question deleted, 2 questions modified
Household Food Measurement 0.72 0.75 1 question deleted
Food Label & Numeracy 0.98 0.98 Instructions modified, “this food” replaced with “macaroni and cheese” throughout questions
Food Groups 0.92 0.92 Food category added, 1 item deleted, 2 items modified, 2 items added
Consumer Skills 0.93 0.93 Organizational structure of answers modified, added “If [calories or portions] are equal…” to 4 items, replaced “claim” with “package states” on 3 items; Spelled out option C for all (i.e. “Applesauce with no added sugar is equal to an apply in nutrition”)
  1. a I-CVI = Item Content Validity Index