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Table 4 Correct classification rate of children nutrition status based on height-for-age Z-score (HAZ) as either malnourish (HAZ < −2.0) or nourish (HAZ ≥ −2.0) from linear regression (LM) and logistic regression (BLogM) models, and the overall correct classification rate of children nutrition status by LM and BLogM models, BDHS 2011

From: On exploring and ranking risk factors of child malnutrition in Bangladesh using multiple classification analysis

Predicted nutrition status by LM Correct classification by LM (%) Predicted nutrition status by BLogM Correct classification by BLogM (%)
Nourish Malnourish Nourish Malnourish
Nourish 3609 913 79.8 3541 996 78.0
Malnourish 1657 1432 46.4 1571 1539 49.5
Overall correct classification rate (%) 65.3   66.4
  1. Note: Correct classification rates are row wise percentages