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Table 3 Nutrient and energy intakes of the school children and percentage of energy from the energy giving nutrients

From: Nutritional value of school meals and their contributions to energy and nutrient intakes of rural school children in Enugu and Anambra States, Nigeria

Schools/Age groups Protein (g) (% energy) Carbohydrate (g) (% energy) Fat (g) (% energy) Energy (Kcal) Vitamin A (mg) Vitamin C (mg) Calcium (mg) Iron (mg) Zinc (mg)
 6 – 9 years 23.47b(22.4) 58.18ab(55.5) 10.32b(22.1) 410.58b 300.78b 13.07ab 193.79b 1.88a 3.57a
 10 – 14 years 26.80c(22.8) 64.42bc(54.8) 11.69c(22.4) 439.24c 330.71c 15.12b 212.61c 2.08b 4.09b
 15 – 18 years 27.10c(22.7) 65.39c(54.9) 11.86c(22.4) 466.91d 335.82c 15.23b 215.81c 2.09b 4.11b
Oma-Eke Community Primary School
 2 – 5 years 18.81a(20.4) 52.23a(56.8) 9.32a(22.8) 369.43a 261.48a 12.64a 154.70a 1.41a 4.23a
 6 – 9 years 22.90b(20.3) 64.60b(57.3) 11.24ab(22.4) 452.80b 318.98b 16.01b 176.84b 1.62b 5.20b
 10 – 14 years 25.10c(20.3) 71.09c(57.4) 12.31bc(22.3) 497.42c 338.74bc 17.79b 188.99c 1.73c 5.90b
 15 – 18 years 25.10c(20.2) 71.31c(57.3) 12.47bc(22.5) 497.87c 353.75c 17.68b 190.60c 1.72c 5.87b
Abatete Community Primary School
 2 – 5 years 18.11a(20.1) 52.09a(57.9) 8.78a(22.0) 359.82a 214.75a 13.50a 132.90a 1.74a 2.10a
 6 – 9 years 22.33b(20.6) 62.31b(57.4) 10.62ab(22.0) 434.14b 254.84b 15.28a 159.98b 2.08b 2.54b
 10 – 14 years 24.43ab(20.7) 67.85bc(57.4) 11.48ab(21.0) 472.18c 265.70c 17.87b 171.18c 2.14b 2.79b
 15 – 18 years 27.27c(20.8) 70.15c(53.6) 14.86b(25.6) 513.72d 264.16c 17.12b 172.24c 2.16b 3.02c
  1. Values with different superscripts in the same column for each school are significantly (P < 0.05) different