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Table 1 Candidate ingredient list of locally produced and imported foods

From: Use of a novel supplementary food and measures to control inflammation in malnourished pregnant women in Sierra Leone to improve birth outcomes: study protocol for a prospective, randomized, controlled clinical effectiveness trial

Ingredient Source Designation
Cereal/Grain, Bulgur Locally-Available
Cereal/Grain, Cous Locally-Available
Cereal/Grain, maize, dried, raw Locally-Available
Cereal/Grain, Maize, yellow, flour of whole-grain Locally-Available
Cereal/Grain, millet, Pearl, whole grain, raw Locally-Available
Cereal/Grain, rice flour, white Locally-Available
Cereal/Grain, rice, brown Locally-Available
Cereal/Grain, Rice, Local Mende Locally-Available
Cereal/Grain, Rice, White Locally-Available
Cereal/Grain, Sorghum Locally-Available
Cereal/Grain, wheat flour, whole grain Locally-Available
Copalis Nutripeptin Imported
Imperial-Oel-Import Handelsgesellschaft mbH Maris Powder ED 0106 Imported
InnoBio Algae Oil Powder Imported
InnoBio InnoMega Alpha Linolenic Acid 80% EE Imported
Kelatron Corporation CALCIUM RICE CHELATE 30% Imported
Legume, Beans, Broad beans (Vicia faba) Locally-Available
Legume, beans, chickpea flour Imported
Legume, Beans, Cowpea, (Vigna spp.) Locally-Available
Legume, Beans, Dry, Other, […] (Phaseolus vulgaris) Locally-Available
Legume, Beans, Pigeon pea, […] (Cajanus cajan; C. indicus) Locally-Available
Legume, Groundnut flour, defatted Imported
Legume, Groundnut paste Imported
Legume, groundnut, Bambara groundnut, dried, raw Locally-Available
Legume, groundnut, high oleic, roasted Imported
Legume, groundnut, shelled, local PPB source Locally-Available
Legume, Soy flour, defatted Imported
Legume, Soy protein concentrate, crude protein basis (N × 6.25), produced by acid wash Imported
Legume, Soy protein isolate Imported
Microalgae/whole cell algae/chlorella/blue green algae Imported
Milk, acid casein Imported
Milk, acid whey powder Imported
Milk, caseinate, calcium Imported
Milk, dry, nonfat, regular, without added vitamin A and vitamin D Imported
Milk, dry, whole, without added vitamin D Imported
Milk, Fatfilled, dry Imported
Milk, Milk protein concentrate Imported
Milk, Reduced lactose whey Imported
Milk, rennet casein Imported
Milk, sweet whey powder Imported
Milk, whey protein concentrate 34 Imported
Milk, whey protein concentrate 80 Imported
Milk, whey protein isolate Imported
NuMega Fish Oil Powder Imported
Oil, Canola, Rapeseed Imported
Oil, Fish oil, menhaden Imported
Oil, Groundnut Locally-Available
Oil, Linseed Imported
Oil, Maize Imported
Oil, Palm Locally-Available
Oil, Palm kernel Locally-Available
Oil, Soybean Locally-Available
Oil, soybean, high oleic, Plenish Imported
Seed, Melon Locally-Available
Seed, sesame flour, partially defatted Imported
Seed, Sesame seed (Sesamum indicum) Locally-Available
Spirulina Imported
Sugar, brown Locally-Available
Sugar, white Locally-Available
Tuber/Root, Cassava flour Locally-Available
Tuber/Root, Cassava, gari Locally-Available