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Table 5 Schedule of activities/ interventions for subjects by week of study participation

From: Use of a novel supplementary food and measures to control inflammation in malnourished pregnant women in Sierra Leone to improve birth outcomes: study protocol for a prospective, randomized, controlled clinical effectiveness trial

  Study Period
Week 0 2 4 6 8 Third trimester Delivery 6 weeks post-partum 3 months post-partum 6 months post-partum
 Eligibility Screen X          
 Informed consent X          
 Socio-demographic questions X          
Assessments: X     X      
 HFIASa, Food frequency questionnaire X     X      
 Clinic visit for intervention and control food supply X X X X X      
 Adherence/educational messages X X X X X      
 Surveillance of clinical events X X X X X      
 Maternal anthropometric measurements X X X X X      
 Infant anthropometric measurements        X X X X
 Food distribution X X X X X X     
 Bed net distribution X          
 Testing and treatment of bacterial vaginosis X      X     
 Albendazole (400 mg) X          
 Azithromycin (1 g) X      X     
 Sulfadoxine/ pyrimethamine (1500 mg/75 mg) X   X   X X     
  1. aHFIAS household food insecurity assessment scale