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Table 2 Dietary patterns of school age children determined using principal component analysis

From: Dietary patterns and associated risk factors among school age children in urban Ghana

Component   % of variance Label for dietary pattern
Component 1 Sugar-sweetened beverages, 21.6 Energy dense pattern
Fried foods
Processed meats
Spreads and toppings
Fruits and fruits juices
Cocoa beverages and dairy products
High calorie snacks
Component 2 Meats (all non-poultry, non-sea food) 13.7 Starchy roots and vegetables/ typically Ghanaian
starchy roots and tubers
Component 3 Cereals/grains 10.4 Cereal-grain and poultry/ modern Ghanaian
Poultry and eggs
Component 4 Fish and sea foods 7.4 Fish and sea food
  1. Note: ‘wewre’ refers to sun-dried wild melon seeds used for soups or stews
  2. *excludes tomatoes, peppers and onions since they are basic ingredients in every Ghanaian hot meal