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Table 3 Schedule of enrollment, intervention and assessments1

From: Comparison of two forms of daily preventive zinc supplementation versus therapeutic zinc supplementation for diarrhea on young children’s physical growth and risk of infection: study design and rationale for a randomized controlled trial

  1. 1AGP, α-1-acid glycoprotein; CBC, complete blood count; CRP, c-reactive protein; EED, environmental enteric dysfunction; IHbD, inherited hemoglobin disorders; MUAC, mid-upper arm circumference; RBP, retinol binding protein; SES, socio-economic status; sTfR, soluble transferrin receptor; 2Maternal anthropometry assessment was attempted at 16–20 or 32–36 weeks only if not completed at baseline (i.e. alternative caregiver brought child to assessment site); 3Venous blood sample collection in biochemical, immune and IHbD sub-samples. Plasma zinc, iron status, vitamin A status and inflammation assessed in biochemical sub-sample. CBC and immune response indicators assessed in immune sub-sample. CBC, iron status, vitamin A status, inflammation, and IHbD assessed in IHbD sub-sample; 4IHbD assessment was attempted at 32–36 only if not completed at baseline