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Table 3 Relationship between weight perception and weight management strategies (n = 118)

From: Weight perceptions, weight management practices, and nutritional status of emerging adults living in the Accra Metropolis

Variable aHolistic weight management strategy
Odds ratio 95%CI
 Male 2.0 0.70–5.88
 Female 1  
Employment Status
 Employed 4.6** 1.22–17.47
 Unemployed 1  
Feeling about weight
 Dissatisfied 0.4 0.12–1.47
 Satisfied 1  
 Inaccurate perception 0.8 0.36–1.91
 Accurate perception 1  
  1. aRefers to the use of lifestyle modifications (a combination of diet, physical activity and behavioural changes) as the weight management strategy used i.e. holistic weight management strategy equates making lifestyle modifications whilst other weight management strategy equates using dieting only or physical activity only
  2. bRefers to the Feel-weight-status-minus-Actual-weight-status Index i.e. inaccurate perception equates perceiving one’s weight as greater than it actually is or perceiving one’s weight as less than it actually is. Accurate perception equates perceiving one’s weight as what it actually is
  3. **p-value < 0.05