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Table 1 IMCI-based tasks to be performed

From: Addressing malnutrition among children in routine care: how is the Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses strategy implemented at health centre level in Burundi?

Danger signs
1 Check for ability to drink or breastfeed  
2 Check whether the child vomits everything  
3 Check whether the child has had one or more seizures  
Main Symptoms
4 Cough or Difficulty breathing  
5 Check for diarrhea  
6 Check for fever  
7 Check for ear problems  
8 Check for malnutrition  
   Nutrition questions
Ongoing breastfeeding (BF) (<2y only)
   Episodes of BF since the morning/previous evening (<2y only)
   Other complimentary foods normally eaten
   Age complimentary foods were started
   What has s/he eaten since yesterday (24 h recall)
   Recent change in diet
   Nutrition examinations/tasks
   Growth curve
9 Check for Anemia  
10 Check for vaccination status  
  1. Source: adapted from WHO 2014