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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria applied to the reviews and DATs

From: Measuring energy, macro and micronutrient intake in UK children and adolescents: a comparison of validated dietary assessment tools

Reviews DATs
Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
• Reviews that validated a DAT against a biomarker or another self-reported tool against energy, macro or micro nutrients or food groups
• Reviews published since 1st January 2000
• Reviews that exclusively evaluated tools assessing inadequacy of diets in terms of malnutrition
• Commentaries, editorials or other opinion articles
• Tools measured in a UK population
• Be able to measure dietary intake
• Validation results can be entered on thenutritools website
• DATs measuring eating disorders, food preferences, feeding practices or inadequacy of diets
• Lifestyle based tools (e.g. diet plus physical activity)
• DATS measuring the purchasing of foods / drinks
• Tools that assessed specific dietary interventions (e.g. Atkins, Mediterranean diet)
• Non-UK tools