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Table 2 Habitual and less frequent food and beverage consumption for breakfast among Habitual Breakfast Eaters (HBE)

From: Breakfast consumption habits of Australian men participating in the “Typical Aussie Bloke” study

 HBE consuming these foods/ beverages ≥ 5 times a week (n = 94)HBE consuming these foods/beverages 1–4 times a week (n = 94)
 Any breakfast cereal50.0%a34.4%b
 • Cereals like muesli19.2%22.3%
 • Cereals like Weet Bix,Vita Brits, Weeties17.0%25.5%
 • Cereals like All Bran6.4%5.3%
 • Cereals like Cornflakes, Nutrigrain, Special K4.3%14.9%
 • Cereals like Sultana bran, Fiber Plus and Branflakes2.1%4.3%
 • Cereals like porridge12.8%24.5%
Milk for cereal51.1%21.3%
Spread (e.g. jam, honey, peanut butter, Nutella, vegemite, etc.)11.7%36.2%
Butter and/or margarine8.5%41.5%
 Milk on its own1.1%6.4%
Combinations of foods and/or beverages
Cold breakfasts
 Any cereal & yogurt10.6%14.9%
 Fruit & yogurt7.4%12.8%
 Cereal with milk & fruit11.7%10.6%
 Cereal, fruit & yogurt6.4%8.5%
 Toast & butter or margarine & spread5.3%29.8%
Cooked breakfasts
 Toast & eggs3.2%36.2%
 Bacon & eggs026.6%
 Toast, eggs, butter or margarine029.4%
 Toast, bacon & eggs017.0%
 Toast (and butter/margarine) with bacon and eggs.013.8%
  1. HBE Habitual Breakfast Eaters who reported consuming breakfast 5 or more times per week
  2. aRepresents participants who reported consuming one or more breakfast cereal types habitually; these participants could also have consumed one or more breakfast cereal types 1–4 times a week
  3. b Represents participants who consumed one or more breakfast cereals 1–4 times a week but did not consume one or more of the breakfast cereal types ≥5 times a week