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Table 2 Data collected with the different tools for evaluation of the implementation process

From: Nutrition education and cooking workshops for families of children with cancer: a feasibility study

ToolsData collectedResponsible for completing the tool
Participant questionnaire1. Participant’s relationship with patientWorkshop participants
2. Perception of knowledge acquisition
3. Perceived utility of the recipes and advices
4. Recommendations
5. Additional comments
Activity report1. Identification of the facilitatorsRegistered dietician facilitator
2. Identification of the theme presented
3. Time and duration of the workshop
4. Number of participants
5. Divulgation of the nutritional messages as planned
6. Challenges and facilitators
7. Facilitator’s perception of participants’ interest
8. Questions from participants
9. Proposed modifications to workshop delivery and content
10. Obstacles related to language
11. Number of participant questionnaires completed and flyers distributed
12. Time required by participant(s) to complete the questionnaire and questions related its completion
Field notes1. Notes from the facilitator during activity promotionRegistered dietician facilitator
Appreciation survey1. Participant’s relationship with patientFamilies enrolled in the VIE study
2. Awareness of the workshops and how they learned about it
3. Best time for attending to workshop
4. Food tasting as an incentive for participation
5. Reason for not attending a workshop
6. Preferred approach to disseminate nutritional information
7. Perceived utility of the workshop content
8. Other comments