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Table 4 Characteristics of the workshops as described by the facilitator in the activity reports

From: Nutrition education and cooking workshops for families of children with cancer: a feasibility study

Workshops cancelled, n (%)32 of 45 (71%)
Workshops delivered, n (%)13 (29%)
 Meal fortification, n (%)3 (23%)
 Changes in taste during cancer therapy and their impact on children, n (%)3 (23%)
 Adapting diet to eating-related side effects of treatments, n (%)2 (15%)
 Mediterranean diet and health, n (%)1 (8%)
 Planning quick and economic meals, n (%)4 (31%)
 Nutritional support, n (%)0 (0%)
Workshops delivered without the chef, n (%)9 (69%)
Duration in minutes, mean (SD, range)
 All workshops51.4 (12.8, 40–90)
 Workshops without the chef45.9 (4.0, 40–50)
Workshops with children participants, n (%)4 (31%)
Workshops with 100% of the messages covered, n (%)7 (54%)
High to very high level of interest as perceived by the facilitator12 (92%)
  1. SD: Standard deviation.