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Table 6 Preferences in the workshop themes and mode of delivery according to the appreciation survey

From: Nutrition education and cooking workshops for families of children with cancer: a feasibility study

n = 26
Interest in recipe tasting18 (69%)
Interest in content related to foodborne infections11 (42%)
Awareness of the workshops19 (73%)
Awareness of the workshops via posters12 (46%)
Preferred mode of workshop delivery
 Flyers4 (15%)
 Online videos18 (69%)
 Face-to-face workshops3 (12%)
 Videoconference4 (15%)
 No best option1 (4%)
Most useful theme
 Meal fortification8 (31%)
 Changes in taste during cancer therapy10 (38%)
 Adapting diet to eating-related side effects of treatments3 (12%)
 Mediterranean diet and health3 (12%)
 Planning quick and economic meals7 (27%)
 Nutritional support3 (12%)
Less useful theme
 Meal fortification0 (0%)
 Changes in taste during cancer therapy0 (0%)
 Adapting diet to eating-related side effects of treatments8 (31%)
 Mediterranean diet and health5 (19%)
 Planning quick and economic meals6 (23%)
 Nutritional support4 (15%)
 None3 (12%)
Barriers to participation
 Nutrition not a priority1 (4%)
 Theme not related to actual child’s condition16 (62%)
 No other person could stay with the child15 (58%)
 Doctor or health professional could visit during activity20 (77%)
 Scheduled treatment or test during activity22 (85%)
 Unaware of the workshop location2 (8%)
 Too busy11 (42%)
 Other17 (65%)