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Table 5 Suggestions made to management to improve the food court

From: Mixed methods evaluation of an employer-led, free lunch initiative in Northern Ireland

• Allocate more preparation time and/ or budget to prepare the meals to ensure appropriate quality of food
• Increase variety of foods, e.g. let staff choose between two or more options if the initiative is extended to the larger site
• Reduce food waste, e.g. only provide food for people who indicate they would like to eat that day
• Improve portion control, e.g. limit choice of foods on offer in one day (only the hot meal or sandwich + salads and fillings) and portion out hot food
• Improve hygiene applied by all members of staff, e.g. brief staff on food handling and appropriate hygiene practices
• Make weekly menu available to staff in advance
• Communicate a clear rationale for the food court to employees eating lunch (recommend to focus on wholesomeness and healthiness of meals; minimal preparation time at home; opportunity for staff to interact)