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Table 4 Daily average energy value and nutrients content of the diet of CKD patients in two selected hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2018

From: Patients with chronic kidney disease are not well adhered to dietary recommendations: a cross-sectional study

Energy [Kcal (KJ)]1394.62 (5835.07)212.61 (889.57)
Energy [Kcal/kg]22.155.01
Carbohydrate [g]243.9945.65
Total protein [g]59.7512.81
Animal protein [g]28.1210.24
Plant protein [g]31.625.70
Protein per weight [g/kg]0.950.27
Fat [g]32.1728.45
Sodium [mg]1925.5644.15
Potassium [mg]1854.5364.34
Phosphorus [mg]947.86209.46
Iron [mg]45.5612.15
Vitamin D [μg]1.480.58
Fluid [ml]1121.1(218.2–2121.4)a
Fibre [g]13.595.39
  1. ain case of nonparametric variables – median, minimum and maximum values are presented