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Table 5 Principal component analysis (PCA) of household food frequency (URBAN)

From: The association between dietary consumption, anthropometric measures and body composition of rural and urban Ghanaian adults: a comparative cross-sectional study

Food items in PCADiverse dietMeat patternStaple patternNon-meat pattern
Processed milk0.519   
Margarine or butter0.492   
Sugar sweetened beverages0.429   
Instant noodles0.397   
Processed meat0.377 −0.356 
Vegetables fried0.368   
Fried potatoes0.363   
Ready to eat meals 0.535−0.341 
Tea or coffee0.404−0.534  
Vegetable cooked0.335−0.511  
Organ meat0.3170.455  
meat 0.455 −0.32
Fried fish 0.4320.346 
chicken 0.357  
fruit 0.336  
maize  0.524 
Salted dried fish0.333 0.501 
Commercial bread0.341 −0.377 
Vegetables raw fresh  0.332 
Diet beverages    
Roots tubers    
nuts   0.498
fish   0.457
Breakfast cereal0.337  0.389
Fast food0.325  −0.38
legumes0.3050.302 0.309
Salty snacks   0.301
  1. Principal component analysis of food frequency data. Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Measure of Sampling Adequacy 0.651, Bartlett’s Test of Sphericity < 0.001