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Table 1 Socio-demographic and economic characteristics of the study participants in Dawro zone, southwest Ethiopia, 2017, (n = 652)

From: Magnitude of iodine deficiency disorder and associated factors in Dawro zone, Southwest Ethiopia; the hidden hunger: a cross-sectional study

Family Size
  < 541663.8
  > 523636.2
Age of the responded parent
Age of the children
Sex of the responded parent
Sex of the children
Educational status of the responded parent
 Can’t read and write28744.0
 Can read and write9815.0
 Grade 1–812919.8
 Grade 9–129114.0
 College and above477.2
 House wife46371.0
Marital status of the responded parent
Religion of the responded parent
Geographic location
 Highland (Dega)32650.0
 Lowland (Kolla)32650.0
Monthly family income (in Eth.Birr)
  < 50034352.6
  > 15007411.4
  1. aKonta, Wolaita, Amhara bDivorced, widowed, separately living cFarmer, Merchant, Government employee, Student and Daily laborer