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Table 5 Multiple linear regression analysis with BMI score

From: Nutritional status and the associated factors among people living with HIV: an evidence from cross-sectional survey in hospital based antiretroviral therapy site in Kathmandu, Nepal

Independent VariableβStandardized βp-valueT95% CI for β
Constant14.77< 0.0017.9311.10–18.43
Hemoglobin level0.360.170.0023.090.13–0.59
ART duration−0.02−0.160.004−2.91−0.03-(−0.01)
CD4 count0.010.070.2021.28−0.001-0.002
Dietary diversity score0.290.080.1491.45−0.10-0.68
Male sex−1.28−0.150.012−2.53−2.16-(−0.27)
Privileged Ethnicity−0.59−0.070.162−1.40−1.42-0.24
Smoking−1.63−0.180.002−3.16−2.64-(− 0.61)
Tuberculosis as opportunistic infection−2.57−0.070.172−1.37−6.26-1.12
WHO II stage−0.72− 0.080.136−1.50− 1.66-0.23
  1. R = 0.401, R2 = 0.161, Adjusted R2 = 0.131,  F (12, 337) =5.382, p < 0.001