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Table 2 Likelihood of meeting total and whole fruit Dietary Guidelines by preschool 100% fruit juice intake

From: A longitudinal study of fruit juice consumption during preschool years and subsequent diet quality and BMI

Fruit Juice Intake (ages 3–6)Ages 7–9Ages 10–13Ages 14–17
OR*95% CIOR95% CIOR*95% CI
Likelihood of Meeting Total Fruit Guidelines
 < 0.75 cups/day1.001.001.00
 ≥0.75 cups/day5.71(2.36, 13.84)2.14(0.80, 5.74)3.83(1.37, 10.77)
Likelihood of Meeting Whole Fruit Guidelines
 < 0.75 cups/day1.001.001.00
 ≥0.75 cups/day1.95(0.83, 4.58)1.92(0.68, 5.41)3.80(1.07, 13.46)
*Adjusted for sex.