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Table 1 Phase I “Community Cooks” Nutrition Education Training Program Curriculum

From: Successes and challenges of using a peer Mentor model for nutrition education within a food pantry: a qualitative study




Training Session 1

Introduction & Review of Course Content

Healthy vs Unhealthy Carbohydrates

Portion size matters

Choosing wisely-with budget in mind

Cook ahead and store to save time

Slow cookers-time and money saver

Whole grain recipes

Training Session 2

Budget Stretching using the My Plate Way

Review of successes/foods tried

Go Lean with Protein /Identifying protein

foods Best value proteins/ Plant based proteins

Slow Cooker 3-Bean Chili

Training Session 3

Demonstration & Practice Cooking Session

Whole Grain Recipes

Slow Cooker Recipes

Training Session 4

Vary your Vegetables

Nutritional benefits

Relationship to disease prevention

Fresh vs Frozen vs Canned

Using herbs and spices to lower sodium

Roasted Winter Squash

Training Session 5

Focus on Fruits

Nutritional benefits

DASH-benefits of fruit and vegetables:

How to select: Seasonal fruits

Canned vs Frozen

Fruit recipe

Training Session 6

Demonstration & Practice Cooking Session

Fruit Recipes

Vegetable Recipes

Training Session 7

Dairy & Non-Dairy Options

Health benefits: calcium, protein, vitamin D

Managing lactose intolerance

Freezing dairy foods to extend shelf life

Dairy & Non-diary recipe

Training Session 8

Quick and Easy Family Recipes

Planning your menu ahead

Recipe makeovers

Preparing an All-In-One My Plate Meal

A family meal recipe