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Table 1 Phase I “Community Cooks” Nutrition Education Training Program Curriculum

From: Successes and challenges of using a peer Mentor model for nutrition education within a food pantry: a qualitative study

Training Session 1Introduction & Review of Course Content
Healthy vs Unhealthy Carbohydrates
Portion size matters
Choosing wisely-with budget in mind
Cook ahead and store to save time
Slow cookers-time and money saver
Whole grain recipes
Training Session 2Budget Stretching using the My Plate Way
Review of successes/foods tried
Go Lean with Protein /Identifying protein
foods Best value proteins/ Plant based proteins
Slow Cooker 3-Bean Chili
Training Session 3Demonstration & Practice Cooking SessionWhole Grain Recipes
Slow Cooker Recipes
Training Session 4Vary your Vegetables
Nutritional benefits
Relationship to disease prevention
Fresh vs Frozen vs Canned
Using herbs and spices to lower sodium
Roasted Winter Squash
Training Session 5Focus on Fruits
Nutritional benefits
DASH-benefits of fruit and vegetables:
How to select: Seasonal fruits
Canned vs Frozen
Fruit recipe
Training Session 6Demonstration & Practice Cooking SessionFruit Recipes
Vegetable Recipes
Training Session 7Dairy & Non-Dairy Options
Health benefits: calcium, protein, vitamin D
Managing lactose intolerance
Freezing dairy foods to extend shelf life
Dairy & Non-diary recipe
Training Session 8Quick and Easy Family Recipes
Planning your menu ahead
Recipe makeovers
Preparing an All-In-One My Plate Meal
A family meal recipe