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Table 3 Phase I Community Cooks Focus Group Questions

From: Successes and challenges of using a peer Mentor model for nutrition education within a food pantry: a qualitative study

 1. Community Cooks Program-General. Let’s begin by talking generally about Community Cooks and what you thought about the program.
   a. What did you get out of the program?
   b. What did you like the best?
   c. What did you like the least?
 2. Community Cooks Program-Format. Now let’s talk about the Community Cooks program format.
   a. The format of the Community Cooks Program was to have 3 training sessions conducted followed by 1 workshop conducted by peer mentors. Did you like this format? What worked and what didn’t work for you?
 3. Personal Changes. Now that you have completed the Community Cooks training program, tell us about some of the personal changes that you have made.
   a. How do you feel about learning to eat healthy and cook healthier now that you’ve gone through the program?
   b. What are you doing differently with your food choices?
   c. What are doing differently in food preparation?
 4. Barriers and Challenges. We are aware that there are challenges and barriers to participating in a program like Community Cooks. We need your feedback to identify those challenges and to offer a program that best serves the community.
   a. We struggled to get people to come to the workshops. Why do you think that happened?
   b. How do we work around some of the barriers?
 5. Next Steps: Phase 2 Planning. We’re thinking about the next phase of Community Cooks and would like your thoughts as to what we should include.