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Table 4 Convergence and Divergence in feasibility and acceptability of the intervention and context

From: End-user perceptions of a patient- and family-centred intervention to improve nutrition intake among oncology patients: a descriptive qualitative analysis

Redundant conceptsAustralia PatientAustralia FamilyAustralia Health Care ProviderHong Kong PatientHong Kong FamilyHong Kong Health Care ProviderReason for divergence
The intervention works in outpatient settingsCCCCCCN/A
The food diary is easy but needs to be tailoredCCDCCDThe food diary is burdensome and does not support context-specific food choice
The information booklet is a good resourceCCDCCDHCPs were impartial to the value of the booklet.
The intervention should be delivered by a dietitiana, but could be delivered by a nurseN/AN/ACN/AN/ACN/A
  1. aInterview questions related to who should deliver the intervention were only asked of HCPs
  2. C convergence, D divergence