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Table 2 Proportion of mothers’/care givers’ who had knowledge in infant and young child feeding recommendations

From: Mothers’ knowledge and attitudes regarding child feeding recommendations, complementary feeding practices and determinants of adequate diet

Variable Frequency (%)
Correctly answered recommended duration of continued breastfeeding 137 (68.5%)
Correctly answered age of start of complementary foods 144 (72.0%)
Gave good reasons for giving complementary foods at 6 months 11 (5.5%)
Correctly knew how to ensure consistency of meal 168 (84.0%)
Gave good reasons why consistency of meal of meal is necessary 55 (27.5%)
Correctly knew how to ensure dietary diversity and ways of enriching porridge 113 (56.5%)
Knew responsive feeding 163 (81.5%)
Mean (SD) knowledge score (%) 58(28.45%)
Classification of knowledge scores
 High (> 70%) 104(52.0%)
 Low 96(48.0%)