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Table 2 Amino acid abundance in resistant starch from potato and green banana sources

From: Increasing levels of Parasutterella in the gut microbiome correlate with improving low-density lipoprotein levels in healthy adults consuming resistant potato starch during a randomised trial

Amino Acid Resistant Potato Starch Green Banana Starch
Alanine ND 0.16
Arginine ND 0.21
Aspartic Acid ND 0.59
Cystine ND ND
Glutamic Acid ND 0.56
Glycine ND 0.14
Histidine ND 0.13
Isoleucine ND 0.10
Leucine ND 0.19
Lysine ND 0.14
Methionine ND 0.04
Phenylalanine ND 0.13
Proline ND 0.15
Serine ND 0.14
Taurine ND 0.05
Threonine ND 0.11
Tryptophan 0.05 0.08
Tyrosine ND 0.08
Valine ND 0.14
Total 0.05 3.14
  1. Amino acids measured using the AOAC 982.30 methodology. All values are reported as g/100 g. The reportable detection limit for each amino acid is 0.01 g/100 g. ND Not detected