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Table 1 Food safety perceptions on milk

From: Consumer perceptions of food safety in animal source foods choice and consumption in Nairobi’s informal settlements

ASF Production Processing (Handling, storage, packaging) Health risk
Milk - Unverified source of the raw milk - Raw milk can be adulterated to increase profit margins for retailers;
- Additions of margarine, water, or wheat flour to the milk by retailers to improve the quality of the milk for maximum profits are perceived as adulterants hence contaminating milk;
- Containers for dispensing raw milk (ATMs and buckets for roadside vendors) may not be well cleaned and can contaminate the product causing food poisoning
- Not safe for consumption especially by young children who feed on milk mostly within the study setting due to adulteration, chemicals and microbial contaminants which can result in severe disease for children
For processed / UHT milk the preservatives used in the milk production can be harmful