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Table 2 Food safety perceptions on Red meat

From: Consumer perceptions of food safety in animal source foods choice and consumption in Nairobi’s informal settlements

  Production Processing (Handling, storage, packaging) Health risk
Red meat - Inability to verify the source of the product (including species other than cow, goat, or sheep);
- Challenge in verifying that the meat meets veterinary quality checks.
-The presence of many flies may mean the meat is not fresh or can cause food poisoning;
- Discoloration on meat eg (Green colour of the meat means that the meat is not fresh);-Cleanliness of the retailer (white clean apron,
washing hands after handling money, keeping short nails) and the shop/ butchery denotes good quality products;
-Good retailer-consumer relationship is a proxy for good meat quality.
-If eaten in excess can cause diseases like arthritis or cancer.