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Table 5 Consumer perceptions on mitigating ASF food safety risks

From: Consumer perceptions of food safety in animal source foods choice and consumption in Nairobi’s informal settlements

Mitigating food safety risks
Milk Boiling milk
For fresh/ raw milk buying from a trusted vendor or directly from a person who has cows and milks for sell
For packaged milk, only specific brands are perceived as safer, and mostly for making tea not giving to young children.
Beef Boiling the meat/beef before frying or roasting
Purchasing from trusted retailers;
Checking for a stamp of quality on the meat;
Avoidance of beef
Assessment of characteristics such as appearance, color, and smell to get insights into the quality and safety of the ASFs.
Chicken and eggs Preference for indigenous chicken and eggs over broiler chicken
Delaying consumption until one can access indigenous chicken from verified sources (Preference given to those from rural-upcountry homes);
Reducing frequency and amount of ASFs consumed.
Fish Buying from a trusted retailer;
Reducing frequency and amount of ASFs consumed;
Checking for the hygiene of the ASFs by looking at the environment where the fish is sold