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Table 3 Sample Coded Text for Perceptions of Various Terms to Promote Weight Management Programs among Non-participants

From: The church bridge project focus group results: African American perspectives of weight management programs to improve nutrition and physical activity behaviors

Perceptions of “Health and Diet”
Longevity and Improved Health “The better you eat, the better you feel, and the longer you’ll be around for your kids. I have high blood pressure, but I’m on two different blood pressure medications and that was a wake-up call for me. I’m gonna get fit, I’m gonna eat right, or I’m gonna die. So, having nutrition and diet is everything.”
Perceptions of “Weight Management Program”
 Overwhelm and Defeat “Well for me, when I hear weight management, I think about all those negatives. I can no longer have, I feel deprived. I go to the negative part, instead of thinking about the positive part – what it’s going to do for me, the health and the finding myself again and all those different things. So, I don’t think about the positive. It’s all negative.”
Perceptions of “Nutrition and Physical Activity Program”
 Positive and Approachable “It’s a little better than weight management because to me that sounds like exercise and eating healthy, the two … So when I look at the portions and eating healthy and exercise, the two, I think of that term.”