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Table 1 Characteristics of study participants

From: Barriers and facilitators of nutrition assessment, counseling, and support for tuberculosis patients: a qualitative study

  Category Educational status Duration of exposure to TB care a
P1 MDR-TB patient Secondary education 7
P2 TB patient Secondary education 3
P3 TB patient Bachelor’s degree 2
P4 TB/HIV patient Primary education 3
P5 Retreatment TB/HIV patient Secondary education 20
P6 Care provider Diploma 3
P7 Care provider Bachelor’s degree 4
P8 Care provider Diploma 10
P9 Care provider Bachelor’s degree 3
P10 Care provider Master’s degree 2
P11 Care provider Bachelor’s degree 8
P12 Facility manager Bachelor’s degree 2
P13 Facility manager Bachelor’s degree 3
P14 Program coordinator Diploma 1
P15 Program coordinator Bachelor’s degree 2
P16 Program coordinator Master’s degree 3
P17 Program coordinator Bachelor’s degree 4
  1. P Participant, TB Tuberculosis, MDR-TB Multidrug Resistant-Tuberculosis, TB/HIV Tuberculosis/Human immunodeficiency virus; a It is duration of treatment (in month) for patients and duration of experience in the position (in year) for managers, coordinators, and care providers.