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Table 2 Table showing themes and associated quotes, barriers to adult vitamin D deficiency diagnosis, management and treatment in three ecologies of Ethiopia

From: Barriers in adult vitamin D service provision by health care workers: a qualitative study in three ecologies of Ethiopia

Thematic barriers related to: Sub-thematic barriers
the health system 1. Lack of attention to adult vitamin D deficiency at different levels
2. Adult vitamin D Deficiency is not included in routine health program or report
3. No guideline or manual prepared by health bureaus for adult vitamin D deficiency management
4. No capacity building scheme
health professionals 1. Health professionals believe that the prevalence of adult vitamin D is very low
2. Vitamin D deficiency is perceived to be a common problem among children not in adults
the education system and research 1. Compromised pre-service training
2. Health curriculum focused only on child vitamin D deficiency
3. No adequate research to show the magnitude of adult vitamin D deficiency
4. No adequate lab investigation